Saving for a Downpayment? Some Advice Along the Way!

If you are looking to purchase a property in the next while, you probably already know that you need at least 5% of the purchase price as a downpayment. Saving a bigger downpayment, let’s say 10%, certainly increases your chances of securing financing. While having a 20% downpayment allows you to avoid paying CMHC mortgage insurance […]

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New Construction Assignment

One of the benefits of working with an independent mortgage professional is having lots of great financing options! Rather than dealing with a single lender who has one set of products, brokers work with multiple lenders who offer a wide selection of mortgage financing options. This comes in handy when your situation isn’t “normal” or you don’t quite […]

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2017, A Year of Possibility!

Over the last three years, Canadian financial blogger Sandi Martin from Spring Personal Finance has released a series of posts with her dreams for her clients in each 2015, 2016, and now 2017. It started with finding clarity, then taking ownership, and now the series is brought together by the idea of structure. Nothing to […]

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2 The 10 Don’ts of Mortgage Closing

Okay, so here we are… we have worked together to secure financing for your mortgage. You are getting a great rate, favourable terms that meet your mortgage goals, the lender is satisfied with all the supporting documents, we are broker complete, and the only thing left to do is wait for the day the lawyers […]

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Taking Bold Action on Housing – New Program for First Time Homebuyers

Today the BC government introduced an innovative new program designed to assist first time home buyers with their downpayment. BC is now offering interest-free loans up to $37,500 to first-time homebuyers. The following is from the government website!  Every British Columbian deserves a place to call home. That is why we are taking action by […]

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The Benefits of Consulting a Mortgage Broker

Navigating the real estate and mortgage processes with the help of an expert mortgage broker can help set your mind at ease when making one of the largest financial decisions of your life. Mortgage brokers negotiate with lenders on behalf of borrowers daily, so they know the ins and outs of what’s really important when […]

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  • December 13, 2016
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