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Hey, I am Ric Lazare, your Kelowna Mortgage Broker, thanks for visiting my website. You know when someone says “I have a guy”… well, when it comes to finances, a lot of times they are referring to me. You might even be here now because someone you trust mentioned we should talk! Or maybe you just stumbled upon this website thanks to Google… either way, welcome!

I’m a licensed mortgage broker and an independent insurance and investment advisor, which means I see the bigger financial picture and can help you with all of your financial planning needs. In today’s complex world of finances, it really does take a team, that’s why I spend a lot of my time handling mortgage transactions, while using my many years of business and financial experience to make suggestions to my clients, and then introducing them to the right people.

Consider me your point guy for all your financial planning needs.

What does a Kelowna Mortgage Broker do?

What does a Kelowna Mortgage Broker do?

Well, honestly, a Kelowna mortgage broker doesn’t really do anything different than a regular mortgage broker, but by phrasing the question that way, if you are searching for me on Google, and you know I’m in Kelowna, you might actually search something like Rick Lazare Kelowna Mortgage Broker, and this page would show up. Second to that, although my name is actually spelled Ric Lazare, without the k, you might not have known that either. Anyway, you are here, and you found me, so I digress…

As a mortgage broker, I act as a go-between, my job is to assess your financial situation and present mortgage options that make sense to you. Rather than working for a single financial institution, I represent you to several lenders including chartered banks, credit unions, monoline lenders (only accessible through mortgage brokers) and private lenders. Best of all, in most cases, there is no cost for my services.

Assessing your financial circumstances

Assessing your financial circumstances

This is where my many years of business and financial experience is a real benefit to you. I have a thorough discovery process that will engage you in discussing your financial needs and circumstances. We will get to the bottom of what you are trying to accomplish financially, your goals and plans, as this will help determine the type of mortgage that suits you.


Finding a suitable mortgage for your situation

After discussing and assessing your financial circumstances, and making sure I have understood your objectives and financial position, I will search my database of mortgage products offered by different lenders.

As mentioned, I have access to many lending and mortgage products and have developed excellent relationships with lenders who are looking to lend to people just like you. I will come up with a recommendation of products that will suit your needs and provide you with product comparisons.

Managing the process for you

If you intend to move on with the process, I will then assist you in completing the required paperwork and negotiate with the lender on your behalf. This will entail the submission and completion of your mortgage application, and the continuous communication between all parties until the approval and settlement of your mortgage.

Providing you advice at every step

I’m not going to sugar coat, the mortgage process can be stressful. It’s my job to make sure you feel confident about the decisions you are making, and that you are informed every step of the way.

In addition to that, once your mortgage is closed, I will stay in touch and be there to help you renew, or refinance your mortgage when the time is right.

Offering you protection

I have a duty of care to you. I will recommend the most suitable and convenient mortgage, and justify reasons for choosing a particular product for you.

I’m on your side

I’m on your side

Being independent, I will always be on your side in looking for the best mortgage for you. I do not work for the lender, I represent you. I will provide you with more information on different lenders to give you a clear view of what is happening in today’s market. The kind of information I provide is uncompromised. I have an obligation of due care on you.

I know the industry

New developments in this industry are witnessed every day, and I stay updated on the changes and know the lenders. Lenders are the key factors for successful mortgages, and because I know their different products, I can make a recommendation based on your application, and their lending appetite.

Why I am better than a banker

I work with lenders in finding the right mortgage for you. This means that I care for your welfare. Banks are mainly interested in generating income and not providing clients with the best option of acquiring a mortgage. Simply put, bankers work for the bank, paid by the bank, to make money for the bank. As an independent mortgage professional, I represent you to several institutions, I have your best interest in mind. All the time.

I compare wholesale mortgage rates from a variety of banks and lenders. This comparison takes the best rate and advice on the lowest cost of acquiring a mortgage. Bankers are interested in generating more revenue for their organization, and will exploit clients as much as they can. Although that may sound harsh, that is their job, and they receive bonuses according to how much revenue they generate for the bank.

I can provide you with more mortgage options because I work with numerous lending institutions. Having an opportunity to choose from a variety of lenders, I will help you reduce the cost of your mortgage.

Different banks charge different interest rates on their mortgages too, others are at par in terms of interest charged, while some charge relatively low interest rates. However rates are just the starting point when comparing mortgages, there are a lot more important factors, like how they calculate penalties, prepayment privileges, payment accessibility, and so on.  I will give you advice on the lowest overall cost and the right entity to provide you with the right mortgage for your specific needs.

I am easy to contact

Ric Lazare - Mortgage Broker Kelowna, BC - I Know A GuyI strive to maintain a friendly approach and I’m easily reached by email or phone. As mentioned, I’m your guy, and as such, I need to be as accessible to you as possible.

Thanks again for coming to my website, I look forward to connecting with you. I would love to be your guy!

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