3 Benefits of Hiring a Kelowna Mortgage Broker

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Kelowna Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker acting as an intermediary between you and potential lenders can make your home-buying process easier. The broker can help you find a lender best suited for your financial situation and requirements. Lazare Mortgage Group is an exceptional brokerage firm that can make your home-buying dream a reality. Here are the benefits of hiring a Kelowna mortgage broker.

1. Sound Financial Advice

Some homebuyers overestimate how much they can afford when assessing their home choices. You may forget to consider maintenance expenses, interest rates, strata fees and taxes. A mortgage broker can be the voice of reason amid all the excitement of home ownership. They can look over your current financial situation and your lender options and suggest what you can afford without putting too much pressure on yourself. This can save you from having significant financial problems a few months or years into homeownership.

Lazare Mortgage Group can help you determine what you can realistically afford after carefully assessing your finances. Our professional mortgage broker is also an investment advisor with years of financial and business experience, so he can help you evaluate the feasibility of your investment. 

2. Quick Access to Lenders

Navigating the mortgage process alone can be daunting. You’ll have to identify various lenders, understand their lending terms, set meetings with their loan processors, and compare your options. This can take a lot of time, which is inconvenient if you already have your eyes set on a particular property. Mortgage brokers save you time since many of them have easy access to lenders and can get you a better loan deal faster.

Lazare Mortgage Group has cultivated relationships with banks, private lenders, and credit unions over the years, so we’ll have an easier time finding the right lender for you. We can introduce you to online lenders who can be more flexible with their mortgage options. Through us, you can also access self-employed mortgages more easily. We can represent you to lenders who are more willing to offer these mortgages or negotiate with chartered banks on your behalf. 

3. Customized Options 

You’ll come across different loan packages with varying interest rates when shopping for a mortgage. While it’s necessary to consider interest rates and other loan-associated fees when choosing a mortgage, these aren’t the only considerations you need to make. You need to look at other factors. A mortgage broker can help you assess small loan details that can save you money or make your loan repayment more manageable.

We keep a close eye on developments in the mortgage lending industry so we can recommend the best loan products for our clients. Our mortgage broker understands different lenders’ products and can make recommendations based on your needs, lenders’ lending appetite, tax implications, and available loan packages.

Hire a Kelowna Mortgage Broker 

Hiring a professional Kelowna mortgage broker provides benefits like easier access to mortgage options and expert financial advice. A mortgage broker can save you money and time by assessing your home loan options and introducing you to the most favorable lenders. 

Lazare Mortgage Group is committed to helping homebuyers and homeowners buy and keep the homes of their dreams by recommending suitable mortgage options. We’ll assess your financial circumstances and introduce you to suitable lenders. Contact us to discuss how we can help you in your home ownership journey. 

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