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Bank of Canada Rate Announcement Oct 19th, 2016

With all the recent government activity meant to bring stability to the Canadian housing market (read cool down Vancouver and Toronto), its no surprise that the bank of Canada has decided against making any drastic changes to the overnight rate in their announcement today. Here is the summary of where the government thinks we are at, […]

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Don’t Get Squished: How To Survive The Sandwich Years

This article was written by Randy Cass of Nest Wealth and was originally published on January 15th, 2016. Your 40s and 50s bring a new, different kind of financial challenge. In your 20s and 30s, you probably struggled with the question of how to make enough money. You skimped on luxuries to pay college loans, save […]

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1 Creating Stability in the Canadian Housing Market

This morning, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced new housing measures, changes meant to alleviate risk in Canada’s current housing market. The measures include: Standardizing lending criteria for high- and low-ratio mortgages, including a mortgage stress test Closing tax loopholes for capital gains exemptions on principal residence sales Consulting with industry stakeholders to ensure risk is […]

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Further Tightening of the Mortgage Belt

Before reading this you should be warned that the following content is pretty dry… like eating 8 saltine crackers without drinking water dry. If you need to go and get something to drink before proceeding, no worries, we will wait here. Take your time. The quick and dirty version, as of November 1st 2016, OSFI is going […]

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Use Low Interest Rates to Your Advantage!

In an article I recently published called “Is Now a Good Time to Buy?” we identified that interest rates are at all time Canadian lows and as it’s never been cheaper to borrow money, now is a good time to buy property. In no way was it being said that “because interest rates are low, you should rush out […]

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

If you’re getting tired of all the media headlines claiming impending housing market and economic doom and gloom, you’re not alone. It seems every time you browse the news another US economist is predicting terrible things for Canada. Articles like this one, claiming an ‘extreme bubble’ is just around the corner… note, not just a bubble… but an […]

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More Oversight for Mortgages in Canada?

Although no firm changes have been announced regarding regulations for mortgages in Canada, it looks like this might be the beginning of something. The following is correspondence shared by Mortgage Professionals Canada by email to the mortgage industry, it has been shared here for your benefit. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) issued […]

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Verico Q3 2016 Economic Update with Michael Campbell

VERICO’s Economic Consultant Michael Campbell has just released the Economic Update for Q3 2016, a VERICO Exclusive. “Brexit is important but it’s part of a much bigger story…The key to know is that the Brexit vote and the demise of the European union is driven by economic and financial events not politics.” Don’t miss out. […]

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  • July 19, 2016
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