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Kelowna Mortgage Broker Explains 90 Day Down Payment Rules


90 Day Source Of Down Payment Rules Explained by A Mortgage Broker Kelowna Purchasing a home and securing a mortgage is a milestone for Canadians. However, understanding and meeting the rules and requirements set by lenders can be overwhelming. One particular rule that often confuses homebuyers is known as the “90 day source of down payment” […]

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How a Mortgage Broker Can Help With Commercial Mortgages

commercial kelowna mortgage broker

Working with a mortgage broker is an excellent decision when purchasing or refinancing a commercial property. Commercial mortgages differ from residential mortgages in many ways, from loan amounts to the underwriting process, so having a professional guiding you can be invaluable. I’m Ric Lazare, a Kelowna mortgage broker, and I’m here to help you understand […]

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3 Benefits Of Hiring A Kelowna Mortgage Broker

3 Benefits of Hiring a Kelowna Mortgage Broker

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Kelowna Mortgage Broker A mortgage broker acting as an intermediary between you and potential lenders can make your home-buying process easier. The broker can help you find a lender best suited for your financial situation and requirements. Lazare Mortgage Group is an exceptional brokerage firm that can make your home-buying […]

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How Can a Kelowna Mortgage Broker Help Me?

How Can A Kelowna Mortgage Broker Help Me

How Can a Kelowna Mortgage Broker Help Me? Purchasing your first home can be daunting, especially getting a mortgage approval. Every home buyer has exceptional circumstances and requirements requiring different financial considerations. Whether you’re an existing homeowner or a first-time buyer, a Kelowna mortgage broker can make the process easier. Below are six reasons how […]

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What Is a Reverse Mortgage & Is It the Right Fit for You?

A reverse mortgage is a financial option specifically designed for homeowners aged 55 and over. Under a reverse mortgage, you can get a loan secured against your Kelowna home’s value. This type of mortgage will enable you to convert into cash up to 55 percent of the value of your home. You will maintain ownership […]

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