Consolidate Your Debt

Consolidate Your Debt

How you can consolidate your debt and find every available option

If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck on a fast moving financial treadmill, debt consolidation may be the perfect way to step off and actually move forward by paying down principle.

Refinancing your Kelowna home mortgage is an option to access “cheaper” money. Low-interest money built into your mortgage can be used to pay off those pesky high-interest credit cards, lower monthly payments on another debt or take care of much-needed home improvements.

Consolidate your debt into your Kelowna mortgage will terminate your existing contract with your lender and you’ll be entering into a new mortgage agreement.

Do you know the penalties? Do you know how to avoid unnecessary fees?

Mortgages are a secure way to borrow money at very low-interest rates but who benefits from the “security”? That’s right, the lender. Your Kelowna home, a reliable form of security, is always at risk if you fail to repay the secured loan.

An experienced Kelowna mortgage broker knows what to look for in the fine print and structures deals in your favour.

I’m your guy!

I’ll look at the various factors that go into consolidating your debt and find every available option, even securing unsecured debts.

Fully understanding the difference between secured and unsecured debts is extremely important for refinancing, prioritizing debts during repayment, and for making sure you keep your assets.

Are you ready to see your interest savings using debt consolidation?

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