Renewing Or Switching Your Mortgage

Renewing Switching Mortgage

2011 survey found that almost two out of three Canadians stayed with their current mortgage provider and didn’t bother to negotiate when renewing or switching their mortgage.

Life gets busy, maturity dates come and go, and mortgages are simply not on people’s minds. Let’s be honest, we don’t generally talk about our mortgages on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis. We have better things to do in the Okanagan like boating, skiing, and hiking.

They are, however, always on the mind of a knowledgeable and up to date Kelowna mortgage broker. I’m your guy!

Staying on top of renewal dates is what I do, always looking for better options. I don’t accept a posted mortgage rate as the best rate. This is only a starting point for negotiations.

On the flip side, the cheapest rate may not be the best due to restrictions and huge penalties for breaking the mortgage early or limited options to make extra mortgage payments.

If you didn’t get the mortgage you wanted the first time, this is a great time to start fresh and renegotiate terms and conditions that you need for your situation and lifestyle.

Nothing in the world of mortgages states you have to renew with the same mortgage lender. I am able to shop around from multiple lenders, ask for discounts and negotiate the best rate for my clients so you can switch to a new lender.

Do you have a mortgage with a collateral charge?

This makes it difficult but not impossible to switch programs without paying discharge fees. I can help you make the switch . 

We don’t need to wait for your renewal papers. You can apply at any time. Why not start today?

Getting the mortgage you want is just a click away.

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