Self-employed Mortgages

Self-employed Mortgages

Self-employed mortgages in the top entrepreneurial city in Canada

In 2016, The Financial Post ranked Kelowna as the top entrepreneurial city in Canada. Most of you are probably not shocked.

We take our financial success into our own hands living the lifestyle we want on our terms. Not only is it a viable and respectable way to earn an income but there are endless benefits until you run into the road block of a mortgage lender.

Mortgage lenders have a “box” they want you to fit into. Entrepreneurs typically hate fitting into boxes which is why they went out on their own and started a business.

Self-employed borrowers may find themselves in a vicious cycle. Tax write-offs are definitely a benefit to owning a business, however, income listed on tax returns can appear significantly less than what was actually brought home.

Mortgage lenders focus on tax returns and usually require 2 years of proven income to support mortgage payments.

So, how can the two sides come together peacefully and work this out?

You know a guy and already came to the right place. I have been self-employed for many years and fully understand the necessary steps to walk you through this process. I have access to the best mortgage products for both employed and self-employed borrowers.

Don’t be scared off by what the mortgage lenders want. All hope is not lost. Even if you don’t have two years of stable income records, I can still negotiate a great mortgage deal for you.

Want to know how? I’m just a click away.

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